Are you ready to get serious about growing your business – and have some fun along the way…?

‘Momentum Gathering’ is designed to give you the expert help you need to take advantage of and maximise every opportunity, to cut through the mistakes, the wasted time and the headaches.

Our collaborative Full Throttle programme – a combination of intimate group workshops and optional one-on-one sessions – provides the tailored approach and effective results that Momentum Lab is known for, with the added bonus of working alongside an exciting group of new business buddies.

If you need:

  • business advice which is personally relevant
  • unwavering support through the implementation and growth phases
  • clarity, confidence and a trusted mentor (or 3)

…this is the programme for you.


We will soon be taking applications for the next round. If you’d like to be one of the first in line, simply enter your email address below and we’ll keep you updated!


Adina Levy
Founder, Clear Communicators Speech Therapy

“The support, guidance and advice from Momentum Gathering has helped me find the motivation to put so many ‘fuzzy’ ideas into action. The ‘next steps’ have been much clearer for me to move my business forward.

The one-on-one with Kathryn was so helpful, and turned the background info and theory into clear decision and action. Having an Accountability Buddy is another wonderful element of the program. We share ideas and set goals or plans. I’m much more likely to follow through with these plans for having said my intentions to someone else.

All in all, MG is a really exciting, creative and engaging way to rethink your business.”

Helen Oswald
Founder, Magnetic Shots & Helen Oswald Photography

“I’ve gained clarity, direction and specific concepts to improve areas of my business that are personally relevant and quick to implement.

I enjoy that the workshops have a lot of content, but also enough time to have small discussions that are relevant as I feel the group has a lot of skills and ideas to contribute also.

I like Kathryn’s ability to still provide individuals with great ideas and direction for their businesses, instead of just blanket information that is meant to suit all.

And I like the concept of the Walk & Talks as an informal way to get to know others and their businesses more, and I’ve loved the interactions with the others in the group.”

Mark O’Brien
Business under construction

“I’ve been on larger courses in the past and the lack of personal contact is just one of the main things that makes working with Momentum Lab so different.

It’s a much more intimate environment where you feel you’re just as important as the next person. There are no ‘clicks’ in the group and everyone gets the same respect and attention their business deserves.

It’s less about their ‘product’ and it’s clear to see the Kathryn’s passion in helping ordinary people improve their business. With that comes greater satisfaction, improved lifestyle, fun and ultimately RESULTS!”

Fairina Cheng
Founder, Fairina Cheng Contemporary Jewellery

“I’ve gained lots of ideas!! And I love knowing that I will also get support implementing them.

The group sessions and one-on-ones work great in combination. A lot of the time it’s easy to learn and absorb information, but more difficult to work out what to do with it and make it relevant to your business. The one-on-ones are SO useful to then nut out the ideas developed in the group sessions.”

Zoe Sullivan
Owner, Wiggles Piggles

“I’ve gained new ideas on how to set myself apart from similar businesses and I’ve learnt how to look at the business a different way, from a helicopter perspective rather than bogged down in the trenches!

I get a kick out of new ideas and the potential that come with them.”