Our clients rave about Momentum Lab. In fact, most of our clients have resulted from word of mouth referrals.
But don’t just take our word for it. This is what they have to say:

Helen Oswald
Founder, Magnetic Shots & Helen Oswald Photography

“I’ve gained clarity, direction and specific concepts to improve areas of my business that are personally relevant and quick to implement.

I enjoy that the workshops have a lot of content, but also enough time to have small discussions that are relevant as I feel the group has a lot of skills and ideas to contribute also.

I like Kathryn’s ability to still provide individuals with great ideas and direction for their businesses, instead of just blanket information that is meant to suit all.

And I like the concept of the Walk & Talks as an informal way to get to know others and their businesses more, and I’ve loved the interactions with the others in the group.”

[Momentum Gathering – Group coaching]

Anna Hodges
Founder & Managing Director, Purple Squirrel Recruitment

” Kathryn and the team at Momentum Lab really do what they say they will do.

As a business owner, I rarely get to step outside the day-to-day of my business to assess, to plan and to revise. They made me do it! It was exhausting, intensive, brutal and fun. All in the same day. And, more importantly, I was able to open my business up to new opportunities and in the end, more revenue. Brilliant.

So glad I got their help and I would highly recommend speaking with them if you want to establish, grow or reinvent your business.”

Mark O’Brien
Business under construction

“I’ve been on larger courses in the past and the lack of personal contact is just one of the main things that makes working with Momentum Lab so different.

It’s a much more intimate environment where you feel you’re just as important as the next person. There are no ‘clicks’ in the group and everyone gets the same respect and attention their business deserves.

It’s less about their ‘product’ and it’s clear to see the Kathryn’s passion in helping ordinary people improve their business. With that comes greater satisfaction, improved lifestyle, fun and ultimately RESULTS!”

[Momentum Gathering – Group coaching]

Erika Veloso-Wielopolska
Founder & CEO, WePlanr

” Not only does Momentum Lab bring a wealth of knowledge and insights to my business, they are also very process driven which has helped give me a sense of structure in the lead up to launching my business – invaluable as a first time founder/entrepreneur.

The team go above and beyond in supporting you through the journey and are just a phone call away when you are in dire need of their advice!”

Jess Jones
Founder & CEO, Soar Collective

” Words can’t really describe the the change I’ve seen in my business and myself since my first encounter with Momentum Lab.

Our first session together came at a time I was feeling stuck. I felt like I’d been doing everything right however I felt like there was a piece of the puzzle missing which was stopping me from achieving what I’d set out to do.

Working with Momentum Lab was like finding that missing piece. I highly recommend them and look forward to our regular sessions.”

Adina Levy
Founder, Clear Communicators Speech Therapy

“The support, guidance and advice from Momentum Gathering has helped me find the motivation to put so many ‘fuzzy’ ideas into action. The ‘next steps’ have been much clearer for me to move my business forward.

The one-on-one with Kathryn was so helpful, and turned the background info and theory into clear decision and action. Having an Accountability Buddy is another wonderful element of the program. We share ideas and set goals or plans. I’m much more likely to follow through with these plans for having said my intentions to someone else.

All in all, MG is a really exciting, creative and engaging way to rethink your business.”

[Momentum Gathering – Group coaching]

Bridget Wood
Founder, Suburban Sandcastles

“I value the insights and knowledge Momentum Lab provides to help me articulate and plan where I want to take my business, and it’s great to have the combined brand & marketing and business model approach.

I think there’s a wealth of wisdom  and they clearly value getting the best outcome. “

Fairina Cheng
Founder, Fairina Cheng Contemporary Jewellery

“I’ve gained lots of ideas!! And I love knowing that I will also get support implementing them.

The group sessions and one-on-ones work great in combination. A lot of the time it’s easy to learn and absorb information, but more difficult to work out what to do with it and make it relevant to your business. The one-on-ones are SO useful to then nut out the ideas developed in the group sessions.”

[Momentum Gathering – Group coaching]

Dr. Leigh Davidson
Founder, Your Vet Online

“I was referred to Kathryn via a friend. We had a meeting to discuss my needs and Kathryn clicked straight away as to what I was trying to achieve.

Not only has Kathryn supplied the work that was asked in a very timely manner, she has been available for all my terrible questions and panicking times, way over and above what would be a normal expectation….she’s still helping!

The service is second to none and I would recommend highly….although that might mean I miss out.”

Zoe Sullivan
Owner, Wiggles Piggles

“I’ve gained new ideas on how to set myself apart from similar businesses and I’ve learnt how to look at the business a different way, from a helicopter perspective rather than bogged down in the trenches!

I get a kick out of new ideas and the potential that come with them.”

[Momentum Gathering – Group coaching]

Morgan Spencer
Founder, Martini Mondays

“Have you ever had one of those moments in life where you meet someone and instantly know that there is huge potential for you to create something great together? Well, that happened to us!

Meeting Kathryn from Momentum Lab was one of those ‘everything happens for a reason’ business moments and together we have created something pretty exciting. Creating momentum in your business and in your life is crucial for growth and we can’t wait to kick-start our next project!”

Kara Jenkins & Steph Webster
Co-founders, Miss Collective

“Such a great way to have renewed focus, energy and great ideas and conversation!”