Posted: August 2017

How to Avoid a “Business Model Wobble”

Ever since I took my first step into the world of small business, there has been a lot of talk of values and purpose; and I’ll admit, coming from a background which has focused heavily on measurable subjects, such as profit, sales and productivity, I’m ashamed to say I’ve done my fair share of eye-rolling each time these topics came up. Recently, I’ve realised just how much of the “measurable subjects” these two words actually control…

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Posted: February 2017

The Agility Paradox: Operations management for a more agile business

I know I’m officially 15 years behind everyone else, but I’ve recently developed an obsession with The West Wing. Like thousands before me, Aaron Sorkin’s talent for storytelling and fast paced wit has kept me up well past my bedtime on more evenings than I care to admit. Often, the questions of ethics or strategy he presents have had me falling down a mental rabbit hole for days. A few weeks ago, I encountered a statement that presented such a strong, yet simple truth, and I have no doubt I’ll remember it forever.

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Posted: December 2016

Goals, guts & gratitude: how they’re essential to your success

Success – how do you achieve it? As the end of the current year approaches, many of us are spending some time doing a little navel gazing, weighing up what we’ve achieved and the challenges we’ll chalk up to “experience” – and I’m certainly no exception.  The past couple of weeks have brought a significant amount of introspection regarding what it REALLY takes to be successful in business; and whilst it’s not possible to create a foolhardy one-size-fits-all equation,  I believe it ultimately comes down to these three things.

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Posted: December 2016

How to choose a  CRM

It’s hard now to imagine a time when I had no idea what a CRM was. Before becoming a business owner I had no idea that a huge chunk of my time would actually be spent on sales, networking, and marketing – yes ok I was likely a tad naive.

For any of you not yet sure what a CRM is let’s get that out of the way first – CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and when we refer to a CRM we mean software or a tool that, you guessed it, manages customer relationships.

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Posted: November 2016

Are you treating your business like an ATM?

Remember when you were still working for “the man”? Your wages would land in your bank account every payday, and then you’d do your best not to spend it all before the next one was due.

And if you did run out of money, the only way to get more was to ask friends or family members.

But that’s all changed now that you’re a business owner.

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Posted: October 2016

Cashflow tips for a thriving business

Passion may be important but a business without cash is in the financial equivalent of quicksand. However it’s not all doom and gloom; implementing great cashflow strategy in your business doesn’t have to cost the earth. In fact, in doesn’t have to cost much at all.

And the ROI on the time you spend determining and implementing a suitable strategy for your business is well worth the effort.

Here are our tips for building a cashflow strategy…

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Posted: September 2016

Is this the unsexiest word in business?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll have noticed how fascinated everyone is with finding their why and working out the corresponding how. I’ll admit, these are both critical to our longterm success, but whilst so many of us are enamoured with these sexier parts of business, a lot of us tend to ignore admin.

No, you didn’t read it wrong – I just lumped “admin” in the same sentence as “why” and “how”.

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