Want to scale your business and accelerate growth?

You know you are on the right track, but your path needs more definition. You’ve proven you are solving a real need, but each month is a struggle. You want more.

You want more time to yourself. Time with your family. You want more profit. You want to reach more people. At Momentum, we help you propel yourself forward.

Are you ready to take the first step?

The first step can lead to a skip, a jump and a whole lot of momentum that will take your business to new places you always knew it could. 

We’re here to help.


The Momentum Experience

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a service provider who supported you with all elements of building your business? And what if you could get this comprehensive tailored support in a way that wouldn’t drain your cash flow? 

At Momentum we are grounded in moving your business forward.

Our team of cross industry experts objectively diagnose, analyse and develop the best plan of action for your business and work with you to deliver the best results every step of the way.

We offer:

  • Flexible payment options
  • Tailored solutions for every unique business
  • An abundance of cross industry expertise

Expect to:

We give you clarity on where to focus your energy and precious resources.

Through our comprehensive and unique approach, we help you guide the direction of your business, arming you with the tools to get you there no matter the business climate.

We build structured plans and strategies with you on how to move your business forward in a sustainable way.


Want one dedicated provider who gives you the full range of business services?

With all the services you need under one roof , our hands-on approach creates accountability and real action. We give specific, practical analysis, advice and plans for your business to support you where your business needs it most.

Our unique process:

We determine the challenges faced by the business and gain an understanding of your overall objectives through an in-depth analysis and series of discovery sessions. Following this, you are presented with our detailed assessment and recommended plan of action, based entirely on the unique needs of your business.

In addition to the benefits of one-on-one expertise with our team, our clients have access to a dedicated account manager who is responsible for the overall management of the project, ensuring you receive the best possible outcome and customer service.


Clearly identify the goals of your business and build an offering that suits the precise needs of your ideal client. Explore the potential revenue streams and strategic partnerships which will deliver the best results for your business.

Compel them to chase you rather than the other way around. Connect effectively and genuinely with your clearly defined target consumer via unique, distinct and compelling brand story. Set your brand apart from your competition and exchange more value with your customer.

Allow for growth by automating your business processes. Implementing the best systems for your business will reduce the clutter, drive efficiency and provide you with the tools you need for successful scaling.

Develop an operational strategy to support your long-term goals; maximise profit, promote autonomy, allow for growth and minimise risk to your business.

Minimise risk and ensure your business is adequately protected. All the documents you need to function safely and effectively are tailored to meet the specific requirements of your business.

The owner of a smooth running, well functioning business should spend more time measuring profit than worrying about cashflow. Momentum Lab will structure your business and your finances to ensure maximise profit, minimise tax, reduce stress and downsize risk.

Your employees should be your greatest strength, but they could be your greatest risk – if you are able to get your employees working optimally you can increase your productivity and your profitability.


Kathryn Kavanagh

Business Model & OperationsKathryn Kavanagh

Kim Fuller

Brand & MarketingKim Fuller

Greg Dennis

Tax & AccountingGreg Dennis

Caroline Leppers

Productivity & TechnologyCaroline Leppers

Ian Aldridge

LegalIan Aldridge

Natasha Hawker

Human ResourcesNatasha Hawker

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